Tue, Jan, 30th, 2018
Don' look back in anger.
Freddie Freeloader / Miles Davis
Mon, Jan, 29th, 2018
Awesome, "Nice Guys" movie.
I like it! The story is good and it's very funny!!
Hushabye / The Beach Boys
Sun, Jan, 28th, 2018
Day off.
Kings Road / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Sat, Jan, 27th, 2018
First movie conversations 2018.
Thank you all.
#Ikeda-san #Noriko-san #Gucchan
#Ruri-san #Ta-chan
Sting Me / The Black Crowes
Fri, Jan, 26th, 2018
Watch out for the flu.
Blues Waltz / Max Roach
Thu, Jan, 25th, 2018
Freezin' cold today.
All Of You / Miles Davis
Wed, Jan, 24th, 2018
How can I improve my immunity?
#Mr. Fukuhara
Monkey Wrench / The Foo Fighters
Tue, Jan, 23rd, 2018
Shoveling snow is very hard work.
I had my car inspected. Thank you for your help, Shidoro.
Nobody But Me / The Human Beinz
Mon, Jan, 22nd, 2018
It's the first fall of snow this year.
#Mrs. & Mr.Funatani #Mr. Maeno #Shin-chan
Mean Old World / Little Walter
Sun, Jan, 21st, 2018
Thank you so much for the wonderful live,
Yoshio & Miki.
#3rd Anniversary Live Night
Don't Know Why / Norah Jones
Sat, Jan, 20th, 2018
3rd anniversary.
Thank you all.
Lovely Day / Bill Withers
Fri, Jan, 19th, 2018
At last, my HDD is repaired.
Light My Fire / The Doors
Thu, Jan, 18th, 2018
"Evertyhing will be okay int the end.
If it's not okay, it's not the end." by John Lennon
Good Vibrations / The Beach Boys
Wed, Jan, 17th, 2018
Check below information for the "yoga_samgha" Site.
Yoga is coming soon.
Drop That Stack / Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
Tue, Jan, 16th, 2018
Dairy struggle.
Raining In My Heart / Buddy Holly
Mon, Jan, 15th, 2018
I'm so grateful to have you as my parents.
Highland Fling / The Rolling Stones
Sun, Jan, 14th, 2018
Awesome Animation "Headless Drummer"!
#Daivd Shrigley
Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Frankie Valli
Sat, Jan, 13th, 2018
A queit Saturday.
Annie / Dave Barnes
Fri, Jan, 12th, 2018
Let's make it happen!
Midnight Hour Blues / Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell
Thu, Jan, 11th, 2018
My HDD crushed…
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
/ Righteous Brothers
Wed, Jan, 10th, 2018
I got a terrible cough(;´Д`)
Jammin' With Lester / Benedictine Monks Of St-Benoit-Du-Lac
Tue, Jan, 9th, 2018
Happy 3rd Anniversary, ROOTS!
Night And Day / Frank Sinatra
Mon, Jan, 8th, 2018
Awesome, "Love Acutally"!
It's been a long time since I've watched.
That's movie never bores me.
All Need Your Love / Lynden David Hall
Sun, Jan, 7th, 2018
That was awesome show.
#Roaring 40's
Memphis Train / Buddy Miles
Sat, Jan, 6th, 2018
I'm really sad to hear the news of Japanese Legend 
Senichi Hoshino has passed away. RIP.
It Doesn't Matter Anymore / Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Fri, Jan, 5th, 2018
Welcome back, Bunchan.
I'm so glad I got to see you, it's been such a long time.
Everlasting Sigh / Moses Sumney
Thu, Jan, 4th, 2018
The first work day of the year.
This Year's Kisses / Billie Holiday Feat. Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra
Wed, Jan, 3rd, 2018
Seasonal menu is prepared.
#Boillabaisse #Panna Cotta with Strawberrys
Fine And Mellow / Billie Holiday With Mal Waldron & The All Stars
Tue, Jan, 2nd, 2018
Healing time.
No Eyes Blues / Benedictine Monks Of St-Benoit-Du-Lac
Mon, Jan, 1st, 2018
Welcome 2018.
Blitzkrieg Bop / The Ramones


Sun, Dec, 31st, 2017
Goodbye 2017.
Stormy Weather / Kay Starr
Sat, Dec, 30th, 2017
Thank you all very much for a wonderful year.
New Year hours are as follow:
We are closed from 12/31 to 1/3.
American Pie / Don Mclean
Fri, Dec, 29th, 2017
One more day.
Fourth Time Around / Bob Dylan
Thu, Dec, 28th, 2017
The Lateral Collateral ligament on my right knee hurts.
Stardust / Hoagy Carmichael
Wed, Dec, 27th, 2017
I had my hair cut at ROOTS for three months.
#thanks Aoki Bros
Lester Blows Again / Benedictine Monks Of St-Benoit-Du-Lac
Tue, Dec, 26th, 2017
Last Tuesday Music Night Club of this year.
#Happy B.D. Takeishi-kun
Stay Awhile / She & Him
Mon, Dec, 25th, 2017
Have your best Christmas ever!
Cool Yule / Louis Armstrong
Sun, Dec, 24th, 2017
Wish this Christmas Eve brings for you all
the gifts of happiness, good health and joy!
When You Wish Upon A Star / Billy Joel
Sat, Dec, 23rd, 2017
Today, I'm glad to see my best friend's sister.
Thank you, Maechan.
Wait Til You See My Smile / Alicia Keys
Fri, Dec, 22nd, 2017
Music always sounds better on Friday.
I Wanna Be Sedated / Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs
Thu, Dec, 21st, 2017
"We need to learn to love ourselves first,
in all our glory and our imperfections."
By John Lennon.
(Just Like) Starting Over / John Lennon
Wed, Dec, 20th, 2017
I really wanna go to NY.
What Are You Doin' My Life / Tom Petty
Tue, Dec, 19th, 2017
I renewed my dirver's license, and Gold.
Mule Riding Blues / Big Bill Broonzy
Mon, Dec, 18th, 2017
#Justice League
Nice Work If You Can Get It / Billie Holiday
Sun, Dec, 17th, 2017
Day off.
Who Are You / The Who
Sat, Dec, 16th, 2017
It's been 23 days. 
I Haven't Been Me / Once Blue
Fri, Dec, 15th, 2017
"It is not length of life, but depth of life."
By Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Live / Billie Marten
Thu, Dec, 14th, 2017
I finally got the flu shot. Ow!!!
If She Knew What She Wants / The Bangles
Wed, Dec, 13th, 2017
#The Matrix
White Winter Hymnal / Fleet Foxes
Tue, Dec, 12th, 2017
A major cold wave.
All My Days / Alexi Murdoch
Mon, Dec, 11th, 2017
Everything will be alrignt.
Shade & Honey / Alessandro Nivola
Sun, Dec, 10th, 2017
Thank you so much, Fuyu no Jin 2017.
The Last event of this year.
All The Right Friends / R.E.M.
Sat, Dec, 9th, 2017
and Mito Feira.
I'll Be Back / The Beatles
Fri, Dec, 8th, 2017
Today is the 37th anniversary of legend's death.
His music and messages are still as powerful as ever.
RIP John Lennon.
Jealous Guy / John Lennon
Thu, Dec, 7th, 2017
Thank you so much, Flor Pasito.
Dreamer In My Dreams / Wilco
Wed, Dec, 6th, 2017
The Moon is lovely tonight.
Somebody's Watching You / Sly & The Family Stone
Tue, Dec, 5th, 2017
Out of shape.
The Showman (Little More Better) / U2
Mon, Dec, 4th, 2017
There is two weeks to go before Dec tour finishes.
Kings Highway / James Bay
Sun, Dec, 3rd, 2017
Thank you so much for 3 days, River Vol.1 Christmas.
Thank you very much for your assistance, Jurgen & Keiko.
Blue Sunday / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Sat, Dec, 2nd, 2017
The Second day of River Vol,1 Christmas.
Cloud Number Nine / Bryan Adams
Fri, Dec, 1st, 2017
The first day of River Vol,1 Christmas.
Black Girl / Lenny Kravitz

Nov, 2017

Thu, Nov, 30th, 2017
Easy Goes It / Lester Young
Wed, Nov, 29th, 2017
First reservation for Aniversary Dinner Course.
Make It Happen / Nick Heyward
Tue, Nov, 28th, 2017
Life comes with many challenges.
New Lester Leaps In / Lester Young
Wed, Nov, 27th, 2017
Perfect Live Album. Love Getz.
Billie's Bounce / Stan Getz & J.J. Johnson
Sun, Nov, 26th, 2017
Thank you so much, MorinonakanoMarche.
Inspiration Blues / T-Bone Walker
Sat, Nov, 25th, 2017
Sunsetz / Cigarettes After Sex
Fri, Nov, 24th, 2017
Cool hat.
No hat wears better than a Stetson.
Sweet Inspiration / The Sweet Inspirations
Thu, Nov, 23rd, 2017
Stetson is awesome!
#Stetson store tokyo #Store manager Mr. Natsuki
Dig In / Lenny Kravitz
Wed, Nov, 22nd, 2017
Things You Don't Have To Do
/ The Peter Malick & Group Feat. Norah Jones
Tue, Nov, 21st, 2017
Thank you so much, Narrative Cafe.
My One And Only Love / Sonny Rollins
Mon, Nov, 20th, 2017
It's the same as usual.
Monday, Monday / The Mamas & The Papas
Sun, Nov, 19th, 2017
Day off.
Time On My Hands / Billie Holiday
Sat, Nov, 18th, 2017
Goodbye #1 great rhythm guitarist of rock 'n' roll.
RIP Malcolm Young.
Thunderstruck / AC/DC
Fri, Nov, 17th, 2017
Welcome back to Japan, Jugen & Keiko.
Glad to meet you again.
Thank you so much, Ikeda-San.
Feelin's / Sonny Stitt
Thu, Nov, 16th, 2017
Essential reading,
Record Collectors' Magazine 2017 Vol.36, No.12.
Sick Of Being Told / Grace Vanderwaal
Wed, Nov, 15th, 2017
"I want you to make love,  not war,
I know you've heard it before." By John Lennon
Mind Game / John Lennon
Tue, Nov, 14th, 2017
Time to change the string on my guitar.
Mule / Kenny Burrell
Mon, Nov, 13th, 2017
Ibaraki Citizen's Day.
Ol' 55 / Tom Waits
Sun, Nov, 12th, 2017
Day off.
The Puppy Song / Harry Nilsson
Sat, Nov, 11th, 2017
Sorry, it has been cancelled, MITO FEIRA, Sat, Nov, 18th.
I'm Sensitive / Jewel
Fri, Nov, 10th, 2017
It's been getting cold lately.
November Sun / Susanna Hoffs
Thu, Nov, 9th, 2017
Cold wind blows.
Good Morning Sunrise / Chad & Jeremy
Wed, Nov, 8th, 2017
Thank you very much Laule'a for your one year with us.
Just A Crush / Grace Vanderwaal
Tue, Nov, 7th, 2017
I feel under the weather.
Feelway View / James McMurtry
Mon, Nov, 6th, 2017
At last I took twenty three years to find this song.
I feel much better. Hello, The bottle Rockets.
Rader Gun / The Bottle Rockets
Sun, Nov, 5th, 2017
Thank you so much, Tomobe Marche.
We had some fun!
Barefoot Sunday Blues / Cannonball Adderley
Sat, Nov, 4th, 2017
Get ready for Tomobe Marche.
As Time Goes By / Jaye P Morgan
Fri, Nov, 3rd, 2017
I came up with a new plan.
Coming soon.
Dance Like Fire / Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Thu, Nov, 2nd, 2017
Greatest 70's love.
My Back Pages / The Byrds
Wed, Nov, 1st, 2017
Well, I did what I have to do.
The Devil's Been Busy / The Traveling Wilburys



Tue, Oct, 31st, 2017
I met my high school teacher for the first time in eight years.
I'm grateful for you to have come all the way, Mr. Ebine.
Six Days On The Road / Mudcrutch
Mon, Oct, 30th, 2017
I'm learning the hard way.
Learning The Hard Way / Gin Blossoms
Sun, Oct, 29th, 2017
Day off.
You And I Meet Again / Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Sat, Oct, 28th, 2017
Men are not to be measured by inches.
This Time / Susanna Hoffs
Fri, Oct, 27th, 2017
Who was Barry Seal?
One Way Out / The Allman Brothers Band
Thu, Oct, 26th, 2017
Anyway, wrapped up taking the next seasonal photo.
#Hamberger steak with blue cheese and demi-glace sauce
#Classic american apple pie
Candy / Nat King Cole Trio
Wed, Oct, 25th, 2017
The Next seasonal project is falling bit
behind schedule.
Something has to be done.
Holy Ground / Taylor Swift
Tue, Oct, 24th, 2017
Repairs expense.
Lost Highway / Bon Jovi
Mon, Oct, 23rd, 2017
The dishwasher machine and diplay case
aren't working properly(;´Д`).
Universally Speaking / Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sun, Oct, 22nd, 2017
Thank you, Poem de Halloween 1 day shop 2017.
Wilbury Twist / The Travelling Wilburys
Sat, Oct, 21st, 2017
Kunita De Art is cancelled due to weather condition.
Have You Ever Seen The Rain 
/ Creedence Clearwater Revival
Fri, Oct, 20th, 2017
Your music will be forever intertwined in our lives.
Happy 67th birthday, Tom Petty.
Somewhere Under Heaven / Tom Petty
Thu, Oct, 19th, 2017
Gord Downie, Tragically Hip frontman
died Tuesday. He was 53.
Rest in peace to a true Canadian music icon.
Ahead By A Century / The Tragically Hip
Wed, Oct, 18th, 2017
Oh yeah, alright. Take it easy baby.
American Girl / Tom Petty
Tue, Oct, 17th, 2017
Hello, Sunny.
It's too bright.
Night With You / The Ray Mann Three
Mon, Oct, 16th, 2017
Thank you for lending me good records, Ikeda-san.
#Crowded House #Thelorious Monk #Art Pepper
Six Days On The Road / Mudcrutch
Sun, Oct, 15th, 2017
I went to Disk Union for a long time and
found some good records.
Cross My Heart / Sonny Boy Williamson
Sat, Oct, 14th, 2017
My best friend is here from Nagoya.
For the first time in 2 years.
Thank you for coming, Kinoshita family.
Blues Out / Art Pepper
Fri, Oct, 13th, 2017
Thank you for coming, Mrs. Onose.
I'm stoked about "Mori no naka no Marche".
You're Lucky To Me / Helen Merrill
Thu, Oct, 12th, 2017
Hello, fallen leaves.
I felt Autumn in the air.
Beast Of Burden / The Rolling Stones
Wed, Oct, 11th, 2017
The nature makes me feel relaxed.
Black Velveteen / Lenny Kravitz
Tue, Oct, 10th, 2017
I get by on my own time.
Trailer / MudCrutch
Mon, Oct, 9th, 2017
Happy 77th birthday, John Lennon.
You're always in our soul.
#9 Dream / John Lennon
Sun, Oct, 8th, 2017
Day off.
She's My Baby / The Traveling Wilburys
Sat, Oct, 7th, 2017
Unlucky day.
Runaway / The Traveling Wilburys
Fri, Oct, 6th, 2017
Many happy returns of the day.
Birthday / The Beatles
Thu, Oct, 5th, 2017
It was not hard to learn to fly, 
but coming down is fairly challenging.
Learnig To Fly / Tom Petty
Wed, Oct, 4th, 2017
This is unbearable.
We miss you, Tom Petty.
Wall ( No.3) / Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Tue, Oct, 3rd, 2017
I'm extremely heartbroken.
I don't have the words to express what
you meant to me.
I'l never forget, legend Tom Petty.
Rest in peace.
Free Fallin' / Tom Petty
Mon, Oct, 2nd, 2017
Music helps me unwind.
The Whiskey Got To Me 
/ Boondoggle & Balderdash
Sun, Oct, 1st, 2017
Thank you, 3rd Akatsuka Pasta Fes.
Blow In The Wind / Bob Dylan


Sat, Sep, 30th, 2017
3rd Akatsuka Pasta Fes Vol.1.
All The Time / The Storkes
Fri, Sep, 29th, 2017
Love Letters / Ali
Thu, Sep, 28th, 2017
I miss Mashu & Sasuke.
Crack The Shutters / Snow Patrol
Wed, Sep, 27th, 2017
Take a rest.
Let's Go Of Those Dreams 
/ John Cunningham
Tue, Sep, 26th, 2017
It was great to talk to guys.
Thank you, ROOTS.
Be Strong Now / James Iha
Mon, Sep, 25th, 2017
I feel a sense of danger on the news today.
#No more war
On The Road / Houndmouth
Sun, Sep, 24th, 2017
My favorite DC heroes are back for the new season, 
srarting October 9 on the CW.
I Wanna Be Rich / Manfred Mann
Sat, Sep, 23rd, 2017
It cleared up! Thank you so much,
Mito Aloha! Festival 2017.
Fortunate Son 
/ Creedence Clearwater Revival
Fri, Sep, 22nd, 2017
Once in a lifetime opportunity.
Volunteers / Jefferson Airplane
Thu, Sep, 21st, 2017
I feel much better.
Thank you for listening patiently, Micchan!
Going, Going, Gone / The Posies
Wed, Sep, 20th, 2017
I'd like to know what the weather is 
like as of Sep 23th. Rain??
Soul Twist / King Curtis
Tue, Sep, 19th, 2017
The ultimate question.
Fortress / Pinback
Mon, Sep, 18th, 2017
Trust comes first.
Who Says / John Mayer
Sun, Sep, 17th, 2017
Aozora Kraft Ichi was cancelled due to typhoon.
I Think It's Going To Rain Today 
/ Nina Simone
Sat, Sep, 16th, 2017
Thank you so much, Aozora Kraft Ichi.
Belated Promise Ring / Iron & Wine
Fri, Sep, 15th, 2017
I hope tomorrow is sunny.
I Can't Let Go / The Hollies
Thu, Sep, 14th, 2017
Without pain, without sacrifice I'd have nothing.
Right Here Waiting / Richard Marx
Wed, Sep, 13th, 2017
Oh no! A Typhoon is coming(;´Д`)
Just Noise / Norah Jones
Tue, Sep, 12th, 2017
"Music gives a soul to the universe, 
wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything." by Plato
I Just Can't Help Believing / B.J. Thomas
Mon, Sep, 11th, 2017
I can go anyway, way I choose.
Do it myself.
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere / The Who
Sun, Sep, 10th, 2017
My friends and I went to Maeoka House.
I've so relieved they looked fine.
I Can't Stand / The Velvet Underground
Sat, Sep, 9th, 2017
DEF = defroster.
Crawling / Scapegoat Wax
Fri, Sep, 8th, 2017
I remember Maechan when it happened.
You live on and our memories is in our hearts.
Rest in peace, my best friend.
Stand By Me / Ben E King
Thu, Sep, 7th, 2017
September 7th - 1936 - February 3rd - 1959.
Remembering Buddy's birthdate.
Happy 81st birthday. I Love your music forever.
Everyday / Buddy Holly
Wed, Sep, 6th, 2017
Thank you so much, Laule'a.
Today's special guest was Mr. and Mrs. Numata.
Thank you for coming! 
Nightingale / Grey Reverend
Tue, Sep, 5th, 2017
Keep hope alive.
Over The Rainbow / Harry Nilsson
Mon, Sep, 4th, 2017
Health is wealth.
So Far Away / Carole King
Sun, Sep, 3rd, 2017
Why is that all he ever thinks about?
Hoodoo Voodoo / Billy Bragg & Wilco
Sat, Sep, 2nd, 2017
Take a strange lyrics, and make it better.
Norwegian Wood / The Beatles
Fri, Sep, 1st, 2017
The weather feels like Autumn.
Blank Space / Taylor Swift


Thu, Aug, 31st, 2017
Summer went by tooooooooo quickly.
A Foggy Day / Billie Holiday
Wed, Aug, 30th, 2017
What will it take for us to join peace?
Does Anybody Out There Even Care
/ Lenny Kravitz
Tue, Aug, 29th, 2017
I'm thinkin' about this whole world.
This Whole World / The Beach Boys
Mon, Aug, 28th, 2017
Thank you so much, Koseishinrigaku.
Crazy Chords / Stan Getz, Al Haig,
Gene Ramey, Stan Levey
Sun, Aug, 27th, 2017
I'm get ready for Next Seasonal.
#Confit Saury #Fresh Fig Tart
As Needed / Beirut
Sat, Aug, 26th, 2017
Thank you all, Movie & Music.
Open / Rhye
Fri, Aug, 25th, 2017
I live each day as if it were my last.
The Preacher / Horace Silver
Thu, Aug, 24th, 2017
Coffee has givin me happy at anytime.
Virginia Moon / Foo Fighters
Wed, Aug, 23rd, 2017
Mr. Katougi came here for the first time in two years.
We had a good time till midnight.
Thank you always, Ikeda-san.
Prayer Meetin' / Jimmy Smith
Tue, Aug, 22nd, 2017
This place has bad reception.
That's the way it is.
Don't Stop The Carnival / Sonny Rollins
Mon, Aug, 21st, 2017
What a small world!
Hobo Jungle / The Band
Sun, Aug, 20th, 2017
I'm so lucky to have you as my father.
Always thank you.
My grandparents is looking over you.
A Sunday Smile / Beirut
Sat, Aug, 19th, 2017
All summer long Vol.2, today.
Thank you all.
#MITO FEIRA #Flor Pasito 
#Sky Baby's Breath 
Freddie Freeloarder / Miles Davis
Fri, Aug, 18th, 2017
My head has been in the clouds because of the sad news.
No idea.
Ragged Wood / Fleet Foxes
Thu, Aug, 17th, 2017
PDCAI. That's my routine.
Montauk / Rufus Wainwright
Wed, Aug, 16th, 2017
It often rain and humid.
I don't like this season.
Summer Wind / Madeleine Peyroux
Tue, Aug, 15th, 2017
May peace prevail on Earth.
Somebody To Love / Queen
Mon, Aug, 14th, 2017
I went to see my high school short reunion.
I was very happy that they looked so well.
Add Some Music To Your Day / The Beach Boys
Sun, Aug, 13th, 2017
Another my hometown, Miwamura.
Lewis' Dream / Owen Pallett
Sat, Aug, 12th, 2017
"High Fidelity" is definitely a must-watch movie.
Always Something There To Remind Me
/ Jose Feliciano
Fri, Aug, 11th, 2017
Thank you so much, GREENROOM, Makoto-San.
Wendy / The Beach Boys
Thu, Aug, 10th, 2017
Twice As Hard / The Black Crowes
Wed, Aug, 9th, 2017
I need more time.
Once Again / Stan Getz
Tue, Aug, 8th, 2017
What Now My Love / Toni Lee Scott
Mon, Aug, 7th, 2017
"When you're creating your own shit,
man... even the sky ain't the limit."
by Miles Davis
So What / Miles Davis
Sun, Aug, 6th, 2017
Nothing beats relaxing in my house when I'm tired.
Love And Mercy / Brian Wilson
Sat, Aug, 5th, 2017
I'm crazy about " I Get Around".
My favorite summer song.
↓Those harmonies! What an awesome cover!!
I Get Around / Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fri, Aug, 4th, 2017
Well, let's get it over.
Where Could I Go 
/ Ben Harper & Blind Boys Of Alabama
Thu, Aug, 3rd, 2017
It's such a BAD day today.
Green River / M. Ward
Wed, Aug, 2nd, 2017
"If you put your mind to it, 
you can accomplish anything."
By Doc (Back To The Future).
I'll Close My Eyes / Blue Mitchell
Tue, Aug, 1st, 2017
Sometimes I need to be alone with my music.
Old Man Harlem / Hoagy Carmichael


Mon, July, 31st, 2017
Mr. Uchida's talking about music always so much fun.
I really enjoyed your awesome lesson.
Thank you for lending "The Mayor of MacDougal Street".
Piece Of Mind / Sadik Hakim Trio
Sun, July, 30th, 2017
Bye bye my favorite trattoria blackbird.
Bye Bye Blackbird / Miles Davis
Sat, July, 29th, 2017
This Year's Kisses / Billie Holiday & Laster Young
Fri, July, 28th, 2017
The Lady Is A Tramp
/ The Ruby Braff-George Barnes Quartet
Thu, July, 27th, 2017
This is my story for making CPC.
Wall display, decor, table...ect.
The shop interior was inspired by
trattoria blackbird.
And I learned a lot there today.
Thank you for teaching me lots of things, Mr. Numata.
Wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.
Thank you for taking me there, Mushi-san.
Elephant Gun / Beirut
Wed, July, 26th, 2017
I can't stop myself from aging.
One More Light / Linkin Park
Tue, July, 25th, 2017
Congratulations on 4th, Rapsodia!
Get On Your Boots / U2
Mon, July, 24th, 2017
We had a great conversation.
Thank you for coming, Aoki Bros.
Everlasting Sigh / Moses Sumney
Sun, July, 23rd, 2017
I got "148 fine Cokking".
It's Only A Paper Moon / James Tayor
Sat, July, 22nd, 2017
All summer long Vol.1, today.
Thank you all.
#MITO FEIRA #Flor Pasito 
#Sky Baby's Breath #The Highhead Blues
Blues With A Feeling / Paul Butterfield
Fri, July, 21st, 2017
I still can't believe that he passed away.
I'll always remember him.
Rest in peace, Chester.
Halfway Right / Linkin Park
Thu, July, 20th, 2017
The rainy season was over.
Sexual Healing / The Hot 8 Brass Band
Wed, July, 19th, 2017
The breeze is so nice, tonight.
A New Door / Lenny Kravitz
Tue, July, 18th, 2017
I got some heads of organic garlic from MITO FEIRA.
I'm gonna cook tomato sauce.
Let's hurt tonight / Hannes Nilsson
Mon, July, 17th, 2017
I'm gonna do nothing today.
Shine / Donavon Frankenreiter
Sun, July, 16th, 2017
Where should I get 235/45R17 the best?
These Foolish Things / Clifford Brown
Sat, July, 15th, 2017
I've seen "La Bamba" many times.
No matter how many times I've seen, it's awesome.
Ooh! My Head / Ritchie Valens
Fri, July, 14th, 2017
Congratulations on 3rd anniversary, DIAMOND!
Wish you all the best of success!!
Mr. Sandman / Chordettes
Thu, July, 13th, 2017
Chest, Chest, Chest!
Thank you for coming, Ken-san.
Mack The Knife / Kenny Dorham
Wed, July, 12th, 2017
Life is beautiful.
The Pot's On / Kenny Drew
Tue, July, 11th, 2017
It's extremely hot out there.
The best way to beat the heat is to stay hydrated.
Cool Struttin' / Sonny Clark
Mon, July, 10th, 2017
"In everything that must be done, 
there is an element of fun." by Mary Poppins
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious / 
Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, J Pat O'malley & Cast
Sun, July, 9th, 2017
The days are getting longer.
All Summer Long / The Beach Boys
Sat, July, 8th, 2017
Thank you so much, "River".
We had a lot of fun for 2 days.
Shake It / Walter Davis, Jr.
Fri, July, 7th, 2017
"River" start.
River / Joni Mitchell
Thu, July, 6th, 2017
I did the menu for River sakuragawa night party 2017.
One More For The Road / The Brand New Heavies
Wed, July, 5th, 2017
It's pouring outside.
There have been a lot of sudden rains recently.
I can't get excited.
Doctor My Eyes / Jackson Browne
Tue, July, 4th, 2017
Independence Day of USA.
Love & Peace.
Uncle John's Band / Grateful Dead
Mon, July, 3rd, 2017
I got a bunch of mosquito bites.
It's Alright With Me / Johnny Griffin
Sun, July, 2nd, 2017
I had a relaxing day after such a long time.
The Weight / The Band
Sat, July, 1th, 2017
Independence Day of Canada.
The day brings back a lot of happy memories in Vancouver.
For What It's Worth / Buffalo Springfield


Fri, June, 30th, 2017
It's already summer.
Cienfuegos Tiene Su Guaguanco / Ibrahim Ferrer
Thu, June, 29th, 2017
Oh, I overslept...
New Rose / Guns 'N' Roses
Wed, June, 28th, 2017
Stop never challenging.
Common Ground / Gren Frey
Tue, June, 27th, 2017
It's ready for the next seasonal menu.
#soul gumbo #fresh pineapple chia smoothie
Fun, Fun, Fun / The Beach Boys
Mon, June, 26th, 2017
My hometown is Hitchi.
I had an awesome time.
#kurata #azumayu #bar seven
Midnight Special / Big Bill Broonzy
Sun, June, 25th, 2017
One year goes by so fast.
When You Come Back To Me / World Party
Sat, June, 24th, 2017
It's so hot and humid today.
I don't like the rainy season.
No Destruction / Foxygen
Fri, June, 23rd, 2017
I read the sad news today about an entertainer.
She must have been quite regretful leaving
her husband and young children behind.
A Little Warm Death / Cassandra Wilson
Thu, June, 22nd, 2017
I finally decided the next seasonal menu.
For Once In My Life / Stevie Wonder
Wed, June, 21st, 2017
Thank you so much, Atelier chouchou!
Silence Is Golden / The Tremeloes
Tue, June, 20th, 2017
I just want to chill out!
Donna / Los Lobos
Mon, June, 19th, 2017
Thank you so much, The Museum of Modern Art, Mito.
Out Of Nowhere / Charlie Parker
Sun, June, 18th, 2017
I became addicted Japanese shallot.
Sunday Street / Dave Van Ronk
Sat, June, 17th, 2017
I'm into watching 2017 western movies.
Valley Of The Low Sun / Jakob Dylan
Fri, June 16th, 2017
Open G is a wonderfully versatile guitar tuning.
My favorite tuning.
Happy / The Rolling Stones
Thu, June, 15th, 2017
I played soccer too much.
My legs are very sore.
I remember you / Chet Baker
Wed, June, 14th, 2017
"The Magnificent Seven 2016" was fantastic!
It was one of the best movies I've ever seen!!
The Magnificent Seven / Elmer Bernstein
Tue, June, 13th, 2017
Something wrong with my internet connection today.
Why? Why?? Why???
Candy Man (Instrumental) / Reverend Gary Davis
Mon, June, 12th, 2017
It had better make an appointment for a project meeting!!!
Papa's On The House Top / Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell
Sun, June, 11th, 2017
It's my day off after 35 days.
St. Louis Tickle / Dave Van Ronk
Sat, June, 10th, 2017
Thank you so much, Mito Feira.
Get Together / The Youngbloods
Fri, June, 9th, 2017
I got my hair cut at ROOTS.
It makes me happy every time when I get there.
Start Livin' / Donavon Frankenreiter
Thu, June, 8th, 2017
I wanna get my haircut...
Prayer For Peace / North Mississippi Allstars
Wed, June, 7th, 2017
The rainy season has started.
Plastic / Moses Sumney
Tue, June, 6th, 2017
I don't believe that G lost 11 games in a row.
Levitation / Circa Zero
Mon, June, 5th, 2017
A short nap makes me feel better.
Feel A Whole Lot Better / Tom Petty
Sun, June, 4th, 2017
Congratulations on your wedding, Yagya & Mika!
Spark / The Wild Colonials
Sat, June, 3rd, 2017
I finally realized my dream tonight.
I thank you all for getting together for the special reception.
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me / Dave Van Ronk
Fri, June, 2nd, 2017
Quality is more important than quantity.
No Room For Doubt / Lianne La Havas Feat. Willy Mason
Thu, June, 1st, 2017
Happy Anniversary, Mu-San & Aya-San!
Puzzle Ring / Swan Dive



Wed, May, 31st, 2017
The time escaped me.
Out Of My Head / Fastball
Tue, May, 30th, 2017
It's like summer today(+_+).
Pres Returns / The Lester Young & Teddy Wilson Quartet
Mon, May, 29th, 2017
Thank you for such great music.
RIP Gregg Allman.
God Rest His Soul / Duane & Gregg Allman
Sun, May, 28th, 2017
Thank you, Tomobe Marche No.5.
You Better Stop / Little Richard
Sat, May, 27th, 2017
Next on June 24th.
I'm So Tired / The Beatles
Fri, May, 26th, 2017
Congratulations & Happy Birthday, Dara.
Great Dream From Heaven / Ry Cooder
Thu, May, 25th, 2017
Thank you so much, Laule'a.
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
/ Duane & Gregg Allman
Wed, May, 24th, 2017
I almost lost my voice...
Magic / Pilot
Tue, May, 23rd, 2017
I had throat hurts lol.
White Light / White Heat /The Velvet Underground
Mon, May, 22nd, 2017
Ugh, it's too hot. I'm about to melt.
Yellow Submarine / The Beatles
Sun, May, 21st, 2017
Thank you so much, Kunita-de- LOHAS,
and Mori-no-naka-no-Marche.
Dude (Looks Like A Lady) / Aerosmith
Sat, May, 20th, 2017
I got heatstroke.
Warming Up A Riff / Charile Parker
Fri, May, 19th, 2017
Rebel Rebel / David Bowie
Thu, May, 18th, 2017
I'm in shock since the day of Scott Weiland passing.
RIP Chris Cornell.
Sun Shower / Chris Cornell
Wed, May, 17th, 2017
Life has its sunshine and its rain..
Lullaby Of Birdland / Sarah Vaughan
Tue, May, 16th, 2017
I hurt my right big toe. It really hurts...
Bell Bottom Blues / Derek & The Dominos
Mon, May, 15th, 2017
I wanna get some serious exercise in a week.
Puzzle Ring / Swan Dive
Sun, May, 14th, 2017
Thank you, Akatsuka Aosora Asaichi.
Where The Streets Have No Name / U2
Sat, May, 13th, 2017
No sleep.
Stop Draggin' around / Lenny Kravitz
Fri, May, 12th, 2017
I haven't been able to work out recentry.
I have to make a plan to work out.
Danger Zone / Kenny Loggins
Thu, May, 11th, 2017
I played soccer but I messed up many times.
I'm so out of shape. 
I'm very very shocked, anyway.
Brick / Ben Folds Five
Wed, May, 10th, 2017
Love & Peace to all.
Thriving On A Riff / Charlie Parker
Tue, May 9th, 2017
Shinchan came back from honeymoon.
We Belong Together / Los Lobos
Mon, May 8th, 2017
Today is the first day of 27 working days in a row.
Try Everything / Shakira
Sun, May, 7th, 2017
"It only become a failure if it fails.
I had not worth 3 good failings in a week, 
I had no value.
People learn from mistakes." by Bowie.
Starman / David Bowie
Sat, May, 6th, 2017
Everywhere it's busy during G.W.(+_+)
Love On The Weekend / John Mayer
Fri, May, 5th, 2017
It was great to talk about the story of The Beatles.
Thank you for coming, Watanabe Sisters.
In Spite Of All The Danger / The Beatles
Thu, May, 4th, 2017
I hope the weather stays like this during G.W.
Material Girl / Madonna
Wed, May, 3rd, 2017
Congratulations on your wedding, Yugen & Keiko!
Thank you so much, Ikeda-San.
Love Is / R.Kelly
Tue, May, 2nd, 2017
I had a lively conversation about music with Makoto-san.
It was awesome.
Rock This Town / Stray Cats
Mon, May, 1st, 2017
There are no carp streamers around here.
Fast As You Can / Fiona Apple
Sun, Apr, 30th, 2017
My body aches all over. 
Mr. Moonlight / The Beatles


Sun, Apr, 30th, 2017
My body aches all over. 
Mr. Moonlight / The Beatles
Sat, Apr, 29th, 2017
Thank you, Aosora Craft Ichi.
Big Empty / Stone Temple Pilots.
Fri, Apr, 28th, 2017
I'm gonna stay up all night preparing for Aozora Craft Ichi.
The Walk / Mayer Hawthorne
Thu, Apr, 27th, 2017
"Love the life you live. Live the life you love." HBM.
by Bob Marley
One Love / Bob Marley
Wed, Apr, 26th, 2017
I'm really Granola.
Changing / John Mayer
Tue, Apr, 25th, 2017
I’m gonna go get groceries to prepare for Aozora Craft Ichi.
Alone In The Dark / Sheryl Crow
Mon, Apr, 24rd, 2017 
My daily routine after breakfast is drinking a coffee.
Beautiful / Carly Rae Jepsen Feat. Justin Bieber
Sun, Apr, 23rd, 2017
Happy wedding, Shinnosuke & Emi.
Smile / Dexter Gordon
Sat, Apr, 22nd, 2017
Thank you for your help, Flor Pasito!
Yes It Is / The Beatles
Fri, Apr, 21st, 2017
It's been 5 years already.
Timeless memories. I really miss you, Taka.
Beautiful Thing / Grace Vanderwaal
Thu, Apr, 20th, 2017
Thank you, Flor Pasito. See you day after tomorrow.
Respect / Aretha Franklin
Wed, Apr, 19th, 2017
My back is killing me. 
Cry, Cry, Cry / Puss N Boots
Tue, Apr, 18th, 2017
Thank you, COFFEE A GO! GO!
See You When I Get There / The Wallflowers
Mon, Apr, 17th, 2017
I crave for ramen once in a while.
Raised On Robbery / Joni Mitchell
Sun, Apr, 16th, 2017
I feel calm drinking coffee.
Better Things / The Kinks
Sat, Apr, 15th, 2017
This song gets me in a good mood.
Don't Stop / Madonna
Fri, Apr, 14th, 2017
New menu coming soon.
Blues With A Feeling / The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Thu, Apr, 13th, 2017
11-5 ? Aw, seriously?!
Just The way You Are / Bruno Mars
Wed, Apr, 12th, 2017
Good grief, Giants lost two games in a row.
Words Of Love / Buddy Holly
Tue, Apr, 11th, 2017
It has been raining all day...
Redemption Song / Bob Marley
Mon, Apr, 10th, 2017
I had a dinner with my friends at RAPSODIA.
Everything was absolutely amazing.
Thorn In My Pride / The Black Crowes
Sun, Apr, 9th, 2017
My stomach is heavy from spaghetti.
Runnin' Dowm A Dream / Tom Petty
Sat, Apr, 8th, 2017
I got my hair cut at ROOTS for the first time in 4 month.
Open Your Eyes / Snow Patrol
Fri, Apr, 7th, 2017
I cut my hair by myself but my bangs are all the same length.
Too Far / Anna F.
Thu, Apr, 6th, 2017
What one likes, one will do well.
Stitt in Time (feat. Charles Kynard) / Sonny Stitt
Wed, Apr, 5th, 2017
It getting warmer.
I have to take out my spring clothes.
Someday We'll All Be Free / Donny Hathaway
Tue, Apr, 4th, 2017
I went to Tommy Bird at last.
Hair Of The Dog / Circe Link
Mon, Apr, 3rd, 2017
It's a balmy spring day. 
Happy B.D. Mashu & Sasuke.
I Can't Stop Thinking About You / Sting
Sun, Apr, 2nd, 2017
I slept like a log for the first time in a while.
Your Move / Yes
Sat, Apr, 1st, 2017
How did April Fool's Day begin???
Gypsy Woman (She Told Me) / Alejandro Meola & Robinsones


Fri, Mar, 31th, 2017
NPB Opening Day.
Summer Of '69 / Bryan Adams
Thu, Mar, 30th, 2017
It's the perfect day for laundry!
It Don't Matter / Donavon Frankenreiter
Wed, Mar, 29th, 2017
Moderation in all things.
Bird Dog / The Everly Brothers
Tue, Mar, 28th, 2017
I'm just making some adjustments CPC's monthly schedule.
I'll upload tomorrow.
Brooklyn Boogie / Louis Prima
Mon, Mar, 27th, 2017
Woozy Monday...
Short And Curlies / The Rolling Stones
Sun, Mar, 26th, 2017
I helped my friend's moving.
Good Luck, Mr. & Mrs. Nisshy!
White On Blonde / Texas
Sat, Mar, 25th, 2017
I’m really afraid of heights.
Show-Type Tune / Bill Evans
Fri, Mar, 24th, 2017
The National Diet...
Wigglin' / Freddie Redd
Thu, Mar, 23rd, 2017
I received some presents from Anaheim.
I'll take care of them.
Thank you very much for these lovely presents, Dara.
Make Someone Happy / Coleman Hawkins
Wed, Mar, 22nd, 2017
Samurai Japan played a great game.
No Reason / T-Bone Walker
Tue, Mar, 21st, 2017
Rock 'n' Roll pioneer, passed on last Saturday.
Rest in peace the king of rock 'n' roll, Chuck Berry.
Rock And Roll Music / Chuck Berry
Mon, Mar, 20th, 2017
It's a beautiful day, eh?
New York Is My Destination / Suzanne Vega
Sun, Mar, 19th, 2017
I had a very relaxing day. 
My Ideal / Kenny Dorham
Sat, Mar, 18th, 2017
Thank you for coming, Baila Loca!
Homenaje Al Beny / Gente De Zona
Fri, Mar, 17th, 2017
Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing.
Something Beautiful / Trombone Shorty & Lenny Kravitz
Thu, Mar, 16th, 2017
Today, it is two years since Sasuke passed away.
I miss you.
Can Anyone Explain / Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Wed, Mar, 15th, 2017
Everything will be alright.
Mean Old World / Little Walter
Tue, Mar, 14th, 2017
Happy white day.
Doors / Prime Circle
Mon, Mar, 13th, 2017
My shoulders are a little stiff because of carrying my daughter.
I have to work out.
Giant Step / John Coltlane
Sun, Mar, 12th, 2017
Japan scored two times in the 11th inning to defeat the Netherlands, 8-6.
Great win, Samurai Japan.
City Love / John Mayer
Sat, Mar, 11th, 2017
I think I'd better wash my car.
Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky (From Now On) / Lou Donaldson
Fri, Mar, 10th, 2017
Congratulations, Japan defeated China 7-1. 
Mamma Mia / ABBA
Thu, Mar, 9th, 2017
I can't breathe...
My nose won't stop running from the pollen.
Truly Madly Deeply / Savage Garden
Wed, Mar, 8th, 2017
2 straight wins! Congratulations, Samurai Japan!!
Main In The Mirror / KASIA LINS
Tue, Mar, 7th, 2017
Five-run fifth propels Japan past Cuba.
Good start, Samurai Japan!
Strange Behavior / Macy Gray
Mon, Mar, 6th, 2017
Every time I get tired, I feel like listening to this song.
Grapefruit Moon / Tom Waits
Sun, Mar, 5th, 2017
There’s nothing like a great cup of coffee to start the day.
In Your Room / The Bangles
Sat, Mar, 4rd, 2017
My eyes itchies. There's so much pollen in the air today.
Hangin' Around / Counting Crows
Fri, Mar, 3rd, 2017
The Doll's Festival, today.
New Mistake / Jelly Fish
Thu, Mar, 2nd, 2017
No Coffee, no Life by COFFEE A GO! GO!
Just Like A Woman / Bob Dylan
Wed, Mar 1st, 2017
The feel of spring is in the air. 


Tue, Feb, 28th, 2017
I can't stop sneezing. No way, got hay fever!?
Ragamuffin Man / Manfred Mann
Mon, Feb, 27th, 2017
I'm getting very nervous about my computer.
I don't know what is going on. 
What's Going On / Marvin Gaye
Sun, Feb, 26th, 2017
Japanese legend played on 50th birthday.
That's incredible! Happy birthday KING KAZU!!
Heaven Must Have Sent You / The Elgins
Sat, Feb, 25th, 2017
Thank you as always, COMFORT PHYSICAL SUPPORT.
See you on March 25th.
When You're Smiling / Frank Sinatra
Fri, Feb, 24th, 2017
It's enjoy talking to someone who share the same values of music.
Thank you, Ikeda-san.
Let The Music Do The Talking / Aerosmith
Thu, Feb, 23rd, 2017
Dedicate this song to Mashu & Sasuke.
See you again.
Your Imagination / Brian Wilson
Wed, Feb, 22nd, 2017
Thank you for a lot of memories, Mashu.
I miss you so much.
Alone Again (Naturally) / Gilbert O'Sullivan
R.I.P. Mashu, my pet cat has died age of 18.
The End Of The World / Skeeter Davis
Mon, Feb, 20th, 2017
I want to know how you feel, mashu.
Be Nice To Me / Rumer
Sun, Feb, 19th, 2017
Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing.
I'll Alway Be With You / Shaw Blades
Sat, Feb, 18th, 2017
Now I'm just spacing out. 
Runaway Train / Soul Asylum
Fri, Feb, 17th, 2017
Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure, Mashu.
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing / Aerosmith
Thu, Feb, 16th, 2017
RF (renal failure).
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away / The Beatles
Wed, Feb, 15th, 2017
You make me feel so comfortable, Mashu (My pet).
Pease don't leave me.
Future Days / Pearl Jam
Tue, Feb, 14th, 2017
It's St. Valentine's day.
Love / John Lennon
Mon, Feb, 13th, 2017
The Walking Dead returns today!
I Shall Believe / Sheryl Crow
Sun, Feb, 12th, 2017
“Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.'”
By Forrest Gump.
Amen / Donald Byrd
Sat, Feb, 11th, 2017
Something is wrong with my laptop.
It's too slow. Is it time to get a new one??
I Almost Lost My Mind / Jimmy Smith
Fri, Feb, 10th, 2017
I've alomost prepared to file my final tax return.
I can’t wait for the tax season to be over.
Ideas As Opiates / Bing Ji Ling
Thu, Feb, 9th, 2017
Lovely weather, isn't it today?
No way!
Cottontail / Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
Wed, Feb, 8th, 2017
Happy birthday to my little princess!
Walk Like a Man / The Four Seasons
Tue, Feb, 7th, 2017
Thank you, Farm Land Saito.
I hope to see you again!
My Heart Stood Still / Stan Getz & Bill Evans
Mon, Feb, 6th, 2017
I wonder when I have periodic health checkup.
Louie Louie / The Kingsmen
Sun, Feb, 5th, 2017
I knew I should have gone to a concert for Bryan Adams.
I'll go there next time.
Back To You / Bryan Adams
Sat, Feb, 4th, 2017
"Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friends."
By John Lennon.
My favorite Time Quotes.
Imagine / John Lennon
Fri, Feb, 3rd, 2017
It's soybean-throwing ceremony today.
Black River / Amos Lee
Thu, Feb, 2nd, 2017
The crescent moon is so beautiful tongiht.
Back In Time / Huey Lewis & The News
Wed, Feb, 1st, 2017
I wanna change the string on my guitar, anyway.
Desperado / The Eagles


Tue, Jan, 31st, 2017
Oh well, January already has passed.
Cruel To Be Kind / Nick Lowe
Mon, Jan, 30th, 2017
It's weird weather today!
It was hot in the daytime. Now it's getting cold and windy.
Tell Her About It / Billy Joel
Sun, Jan, 29th, 2017
R-kitchen. This is one of my favourite places.
More Than Words / Extreme
Sat, Jan, 28th, 2017
It was CPC's first music festival today. 
Thanks to: Yorry, Banjodoushi, ZERo & Bakyura, and Bun-chan.
On My Mind / Donavon Frankenreiter
Fri, Jan, 27th, 2017
Thank you, Natsuka!
Brand New Day / Bryan Adams
Thu, Jan, 26th, 2017
Roll on Saturday!
Shout / Isley Brothers
Wed, Jan, 25th, 2017
“Without music, life would be a mistake.” by Nietzsche
Rock And Roll Music / Chuck Berry
Tue, Jan, 24th, 2017
I gonna change the string on my guitar for the music event.
Don't Dream It's Over / Crowded House
Mon, Jan, 23th, 2017
What movie have you seen more than "several times"?
My favorite movie is "Sister Act 1&2". I've seen these movie many times. 
No matter how many times I've seen, it's such an awesome movie.
Love Somebody / Maroon 5
Sun, Jan, 22nd, 2017
I got lucky with great weather during my holiday.
Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down / Alicia Keys
Sat, Jan, 21st, 2017
Oh Happy Day / The St. Francis Choir Feat Ryan Toby
Fri, Jan, 20th, 2017
Central Park Cafe has marked its 2nd anniversary today.
Thank you all.
All Together Now / The Beatles
Thu, Jan, 19th, 2017
#RIP AuntieSachiyo.
Kiss And Say Goodbye / The Manhattans
Wed, Jan, 18th, 2017
We got a surprise 2nd Anniversary present from Happy Thanksgiving Team.
This is the happiest We've ever been.
Thank you so much, our friends.
Native Land / Everything But The Girl
Tue, Jan, 17th, 2017
Tapestry. I’m just curious.
So Far Away / Carole King
Mon, Jan, 16th, 2017
Health comes first before anything else.
Save Me / Once Blue
Sun, Jan, 15th, 2017
Dear my parents, 
thank you for giving me.
Mr. Tambourine Man / The Byrds
Sat, Jan, 14th, 2017
How can I improve my immunity?
Ironic / Alanis Morissette
Fri, Jan, 13th, 2017
I'm coming down with something.
Stay / Lisa Loeb
Thu, Jan, 12th, 2017
Thank you so much, Laule'a!
Believe / Lenny Kravitz
Wed, Jan, 11th, 2017
May the force be with you.
Now I'm into STAR WARS.
Main The Title / OST (Star Wars)
Tue, Jan, 10th, 2017
This moon is stunning tongiht.
It's only a paper moon / Nat King Cole
Mon, Jan, 9th, 2017
Happy 2th Anniversary, ROOTS!
Shine / Donavon Frankenreiter
Sun, Jan, 8th, 2017
Why are my legs always freezing cold?
There Is An Answer / A Great Big World
Sat, Jan, 7th, 2017
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Lovely Day / Bill Withers
Fri, Jan, 6th, 2017
I'm done with my paperwork. I feel satisfied.
My Cherie Amour / Stevie Wonder
Thu, Jan, 5th, 2017
Look it up on BIZARRE.B.Works!
And So It Goes / Roberta Flack
Wed, Jan, 4th, 2017
New arrival sweets, Mille Crepe and Hot Chocolate 
from Jan 4th until Feb 28th.
You should try these items!
We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together / Barbara Lea
Tue, Jan, 3rd, 2017
New Year hours are as follows:
We will opened tomorrow.
Can't Sleep At All / The Mother Hips
Mon, Jan, 2nd, 2017
It was an annual new year's party today.
Glay / Grace Vanderwaal

Sun, Jan, 1st, 2017
With best New Year’s wishes.
Beautiful Day / U2



Sat, Dec,31th, 2016

Goodbye 2016.

Tomorrow Is Another Day / The Stone Coyotes


Fri, Dec,30th, 2016

Thank you all for everything.

Best wishes for the holidays and New Year.

All You Need Is Love / The Beatles


Thu, Dec,29th, 2016

I got a special CD-R what my friend made from Gifu-Pre.

I'm so happy! Thanks, Hoshino-San!!

Calling You / Holly Cole


Wed, Dec,28th, 2016

I can't sleep cuz the aftershocks are continuing.

Good Together / Honne


Tue, Dec,27th, 2016

I got 220 photos developed for HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2016.

I`m supposed to give them out these albums tomorrow.

What A Wonderful World / Louis Armstrong


Mon, Dec,26th, 2016

It was your last christmas, George Michael.

Rest with the glittering stars.

Faith / George Michael


Sun, Dec,25th, 2016

I don't know how to thank you all, 


Northern Sky / Nick Drake


Sat, Dec,24th, 2016

Wishing your family peace and love at Christmas and always.

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / John Lennon


Fri, Dec,23rd, 2016

Fire safety.

I'm a lonely man / Big Bill Broonzy


Thu, Dec,22nd, 2016

I have a splitting headache cuz it's weird weather today. 

Baby You're Mine / Basia


Wed, Dec,21st, 2016

I got my hair cut at Roots for the first time in three month.

Thank you, Mushi-san.

Change The World / Eric Clapton


Tue, Dec,20th, 2016

Take-Chan brought my old friend tonight.

We saw each other for the first time in 20 years.

He still has that look. 

We talked about our remembering shared memories.

I had a blast!

Thanks Take-chan and Sidoro!!

I Want You To Be My Baby / Georgia Gibbs


Mon, Dec,19th, 2016

Que sera sera.

Over The Rainbow / Lou Donaldson


Sun, Dec,18th, 2016

I want to kick back.

Hold My Hand / Jess Glynne


Sat, Dec,17th, 2016

Thank you, Comfort Physical Support!

I'm Nuthin'/ Ethan Hawke


Fri, Dec,16th, 2016

Let's make the most of it!

Fire In The Canyon / Fountain Of Wayne


Thu, Dec,15th, 2016

I can't stand that my chapped lips!

The Heart Of The Matter / Don Henley


Wed, Dec,14th, 2016

It was bitingly cold today.

You On My Mind / Swing Out Sister


Tue, Dec,13th, 2016

It's cold outside, so how'bout a cup of coffee to warm up?

Baby it's Cold Outside / Room Eleven & Donavon Frankenreiter


Mon, Dec,12th, 2016

Let's survive this week! 

December, 1963 (Oh What A Night)/ The Four Seasons


Sun, Dec,11th, 2016

Tomorrow is another day.

This Must Be The Place / Iron & Wine & Ben Bridwell


Sat, Dec,10th, 2016

It's finally over.

Good Grief / BASTILLE


Fri., Dec,9th, 2016

"It's been a hard day's night~♫"

I don't know why I can't get this song out of my head all day.

A Hard Day's Night / The Beatles


Thu., Dec,8th, 2016

It's been 36 years since we lost John Lennon.

But, he still lives today in his masterpiece.

Real Love/ John Lennon


Wed., Dec,7th, 2016

"I Don't Know My Name" is such a great song. 

Absolutely beautiful Grace!

Listening to it over and over today.

It's one of the best songs I've heard in years.

I Don't Know My Name / Grace Vanderwaal


Tue., Dec,6th, 2016

I was interviewed by Ibaraki college students today. 

Everything was very interesting and exciting! 

Silly Love Songs / Paul McCartney


Mon., Dec,5th, 2016

I’ve been under the weather for a few days. 

Because of vaccine side effects?

To Being Alive / Izzy Stradlin


Sun., Dec,4th, 2016

I feel at home, Hitachi-City.

Our House / Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Sat., Dec,3rd, 2016

I don't know why I'm stuck.

A Quick One While I'm Away / The Who


Fri., Dec,2nd, 2016

I've been suffering from a running nose because of hay fever.

Handle With Care / Traveling Wilburys


Thu., Dec,1st, 2016

Only a month left this year.

Pig's Boogie / Nicky Hopkins


Nov, 2016


Wed., Nov,30th, 2016

This song reminds me of my high school days.

Don't Look Back / Charlie Sexton


Tue., Nov,29th, 2016

I went to Aono-shouten to see the exhibition of Japanese

Lantern. It's an intricate art!

Shower The People / Babyface


Mon., Nov,28th, 2016

Well, my hair got longer.

I wanna get my hair cut...

Candy / Iggy Pop


Sun., Nov,27th, 2016

I watched the movie “Nausicaa of the valley of the wind” 

with my daughter for the first time in about ten years.

It’s one of masterpiece! 

I’ve watched it for many times so far. 

I can’t get enough of it.

Girl From The North Country / Bob Dylan


Sat., Nov,26th, 2016

I didn't get much sleep cuz I had an awful dream.

Roadhouse Blues / The Doors


Fri., Nov,25th, 2016

Oh, everything's going by so fast. 

Come Softly to me/ The Fleetwoods


Thu., Nov,24th, 2016


The Gift / Blue


Wed., Nov,23rd, 2016

It's my parent's wedding anniversary today.

Wishing the two of you have a wonderful anniversary and 

many more happy years together. 


Darlin' / The Beach Boys


Tue., Nov,22nd, 2016

Mr. Aoki came and had a lively conversation about the Legend,

Buddy Holly. It was really awesome!!

Rave On / John Mellencamp


Mon., Nov,21st, 2016

I've ordered a fir tree at Yuino Hana today. 

I can't wait for Christmas!

All I Want for Christmas Is You / She & Him


Sun., Nov,20th, 2016

Day off...

A Head Full Of Dreams / Coldplay


Sat., Nov,19th, 2016

Thank you as always, Comfort Physical Support.

I Think It's Going to Rain Today / Nina Simone


Fri., Nov,18th, 2016

I have dry skin, so I really need to put on NIVEA Cream.

Nobody knows / Frank Minion


Thu., Nov,17th, 2016

Thank you so much, Flor Pasito!

Uptown Funk (feat.Bruno Mars) / Marc Ronson


Wed., Nov,16th, 2016

Thank you all, "HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2016". 

Thank you for such awesome memories.

Stay / U2


Tue., Nov,15th, 2016

I'm having one of those days. That's the way it is.

Strut / Lenny Kravitz


Mon., Nov,14th, 2016

I have a hangnail, and it's quite painful!!!

Difference / Wallflowers


Sun., Nov,13th, 2016

How times flies!

Sugar / Maroon 5


Sat., Nov,12th, 2016

There is a time for everything.

Be strong now.

Turn! Turn! Turn! / The Byrds


Fri., Nov,11th, 2016

"Hallelujah", my favorite song. 

Thank you for your poetry and music.

Rest in peace Mr Cohen.

Hallelujah / Leonard Cohen


Thu., Nov,10th, 2016

Thank you so much, Laule'a.

Treasure every encounter as it may be not come again.

Peggy Sue / Buddy Holly


Wed., Nov,9th, 2016

Life is like a box of chocolates.

You never know what you're gonna get until you open it up.

Fear / Bon Jovi


Tue., Nov,8th, 2016

I'm really into foreign show called ''The Walking Dead''.

Where You Lead / Carol King


Mon., Nov,7th, 2016

Alright everyone, let us try to enjoy again this week!

Glorious / Natalie Imbruglia


Sun., Nov,6th, 2016

Tomobe Marche..Awesome! Absolutely fantastic event today!!

Show Me / Joe Tex


Sat., Nov,5th, 2016

Thank you, Zero.

Little Willie Leaps / Charlie Parker


Fri., Nov,4th, 2016

Guchiko has a hangover.

That Old Feeling / Chet Baker


Thu., Nov,3rd, 2016

Requiem for my grandmother.

Picture In A Frame / Tom Waits


Wed., Nov,2nd, 2016

Atelier Chouchou.

New York City / Norah Jones & The Peter Malick Group


Tue., Nov,1st, 2016

Website renewed.

Start Me Up / The Rolling Stones